Tournament Basics


BetMGM Poker hosts poker tournaments of all shapes and sizes at all hours of the day. From daily Freerolls to marathon two-day Texas Hold’em events with $1000 buy-ins – at BetMGM Poker, you will find a tournament to match your ambition and test your skills.

Unless you are taking part in a Freeroll, in order to take part in a poker tournament, you have to pay a fixed buy-in. The buy-in can either be a set amount or a particular type of ticket. In exchange for your buy-in you get a seat, a stack of chips and a chance to win a share of the combined buy-ins from all of the other players. At BetMGM Poker, the amount of chips you get is generally 1,500.

To ensure the tournament has a winner, the minimum bet will continually increase as the tournament progresses. These increases mean that you must make the most of the hands enabling you to have enough chips to stay in the race and beat your opponents.

There are two basic types of tournament, Sit & Go and scheduled tournaments. A Sit & Go tournament has a fixed number of players, usually 2, 5, 10, 20 or 30, and once all the players have registered, it begins.

The scheduled tournaments are tournaments that have a definite starting time and start regardless of the number of players. They tend to have lots of players and big prize pools. You can view the available scheduled tournaments in the BetMGM Poker client in the "Scheduled" section of the tournament lobby.


When you open the BetMGM Poker client, you have the choice to view all the available cash games and tournaments. Select "Tournaments" to open the tournament lobby and view the available tournaments.


In order to take part in a tournament, you need to register.

To register for a tournament, you need to click on the name of the desired tournament so that it is highlighted on the list. Then click on the "Go to tournament" button. This will take you to your desired tournament lobby, where you can register by clicking the "Register" button. You will be asked to confirm your registration. Once completed, you are set to play.

You can register for a Sit & Go tournament whenever you like, they are always available. Registration for scheduled tournaments usually starts one and a half hours before the tournament starts.