At BetMGM Poker, we are constantly improving and augmenting the service we offer to our players. Now, we're bringing you another great feature – a deal-making facility.

Deal-making allows players at the final table of a tournament to make a deal for all or part of the remaining prize pool. Deal-making is part of the automated process that allows players to choose pre-determined deal structures and custom payouts. Please note that during the game itself, a deal is not finalized unless all players have agreed to it.

Deal-making is available for most real money, multi-table tournaments with a cash-only prize pool. It is not possible to use the deal-making facility in a tournament that offers some of the winners the chance to take their payout in the form of an entry into another tournament.

To check whether a tournament features the deal-making facility, go to the poker lobby and select a tournament to open the tournament lobby. If deal-making is possible, it will say "Final table deal-making possible" in the top bulletin board message.

In the uncertain world of poker, where you can lose your stack on a bad beat, cutting a deal can make sure you still get a slice of the pot!