Cash or Tournament Games

When playing for real money stakes at BetMGM Poker, you can choose between cash games or tournaments. The two are very different beasts and you will need to understand their differences to realize just how much of your hard-earned bankroll is at stake.

Cash Games

The importance of cash games has been overshadowed by the glamour of tournaments, but in reality, cash games are one of the best and most stable sources of income for a poker player. Cash games also train you to play real poker rather than just wait for the blinds to get high so you can move all-in and hope for the best.

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Sit & Go tournaments are great fun and normally take less than an hour. They are a great way for you to improve your strategy and can also be very profitable once you get the hang of them.

A great way to start is to play in the dirt cheap $5 games where you will find plenty of loose-aggressive action. Then, as you improve your game you can 'trade up' to the $50 and even $100 tournaments.

Contrary to cash games, your entire bankroll is not at risk in a tournament. You pay a buy-in which entitles you to a set number of chips that every other participant receives for the same buy-in. As the tournament progresses, you wager these chips and whoever holds them all at the end wins the tournament.

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