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Why Playing Poker Online Is Better Than Playing Live

Home » Guides » Why Playing Poker Online Is Better Than Playing Live

Why Playing Poker Online Is Better Than Playing Live

A person sitting at a table, playing an online poker game on a laptop.

When it comes to the online vs. live poker debate, be honest: wouldn’t you rather play from home at your convenience than in a stuffy casino with rules and dress codes and live humans everywhere? 

Okay, we might have a bias. Live poker isn’t that bad. However, we can list quite a few reasons that online poker is better than playing live poker. 

Things You Can Avoid By Playing Online Poker

A King of Hearts playing card, an Ace of Hearts playing card, poker chips, a laptop, and a dice arranged on a table.

Online poker players avoid paying attention to casino hours, as casinos outside of Las Vegas often close for at least a few hours every day. Poker sites, however, operate around the clock, at every hour of every day. 

Avoiding the casino also means you don’t have to worry about driving or parking, arranging any transportation, paying for said transportation, or worrying about walking out of the casino with your piles of winnings. Everything that happens online is private, within the confines of your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

There is no dress code. No shoes, no shirt, no matter!

By playing online, you avoid people, which means you don’t have to make small talk, answer questions about your poker experience, choice of food or drink, or anything. You can have a cocktail without judgment, wear your bunny slippers, and play heavy metal music or whatever else your heart desires.

In fact, avoiding the casino means you can take notes on hands without looking like a newbie, use a calculator for odds, and even consult a range chart, all free of judgment from others.

Online poker requires no tipping the dealer. And that dealer isn’t prone to human error. There are no misdeals.

Finally, parents, you don’t have to hire a babysitter. Put the kids to bed early and play as much poker as you want. (For more parenting tips, please consult a professional.)

The Positives of Playing Online Poker

A person holding a ten of diamonds, a ten of spades, an ace of diamonds, an ace of spades, and an ace of hearts.

As for the benefits, online poker sites like BetMGM Poker offer quite a few perks not available in live poker.

  • Play more hands. Most cash game tables see dozens of hands per hour.
  • There is a shot clock. It eliminates excessive tanking and keeps the games moving.
  • Multi-tabling is allowed, so you can sit at several tables at once or even play a tournament and cash game at the same time.
  • You can leave one cash game table for another without calling the floor, waiting for a seat to open, and physically moving your chips.
  • Topping up your stack, rebuying, reentering, and even depositing more cash is simple. There is no assistance needed from the floor staff or an ATM.
  • Hand histories are available for analysis, a key tool in improving your game.
  • Automatic bet sizing helps newer players determine how much a pot-sized bet will be without counting chips.
  • Online poker sites can show your stacks by chips or big blinds. 

All in all, online poker is better for most poker players, unless you happen to be someone who likes people, social contact, and going places. We’re (kinda) exaggerating for effect, but you get the point. 

Be sure to register online at BetMGM Poker to explore all the site’s games and offerings. There is even a BetMGM Poker welcome bonus to take advantage of.

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