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Why Is It Easier To Play Poker Online?

Home » Why Is It Easier To Play Poker Online?

Why Is It Easier To Play Poker Online?

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Poker became popular decades ago and has since moved beyond the walls of casinos and other gaming venues. The card game comes in multiple variations, such as Texas Hold’em, five-card draw, Omaha, seven-card stud and more. 

Following the poker boom in the mid-2000s and the introduction of online poker, a new generation of poker players has emerged who prefer playing the card game online rather than live. This has also extended to poker competitions, where it’s clear to see how many people prefer online poker tournaments to in-person events. 

Playing poker games online offers a plethora of benefits and it is easy to learn how to play online poker compared to its offline counterpart because it offers more variety and you can take advantage of online sources. This article will list and explain precisely why most gamblers prefer to play poker online to live poker. 

More Poker Hands To Play 

Like most things in this world, in poker, the more you see and practice, the better you become at it. When playing poker online, you can play against the computer multiple times to build your skills, making the game easier for you. Live poker, on the other hand, requires the cooperation of other players if you need to practice. 

Online poker tables also have an average of around 100 hands per hour, while live poker tables deal out 30 hands per hour. This provides online players with more time to practice and a faster growth rate. Multi-tabling is another advantage online players have over in-person poker players, as it allows them to play multiple tables, making the games much more challenging. 

Less Access to Online Sources 

Referencing Internet sources is likely what makes poker easy for online players. With the use of tools and materials available on training sites, new players can teach themselves how to play poker online, while existing players can learn tips to make gameplay easier. 

Offline players, however, are usually less invested in technical help or are not aware of the number of helpful resources available online. These players are usually the ones who prefer visiting casinos to playing poker games online or playing games online with friends. 

Online Players Can Manage Budgets More Firmly

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Live poker tournaments generally require large buy-ins, making it an expensive and exclusive pastime many people can’t participate in. A buy-in of $300–$500 is usually required in order to participate in a live game, while a proper bankroll for $1/$2 live No Limit is around $4,000. 

This is a big ask for newer or younger online poker players who may have less disposable income than seasoned players. Online poker is far more financially accessible. With $500, players can secure 20 buy-ins for 25nl online. This has the additional advantage of allowing players to gamble responsibly. 

Online Poker is Convenient

If given the choice, most players choose online poker over its real-life options because it is more convenient. One of the biggest advantages of online poker is that gamblers select the time they want to play as well as the place they want to play from. Perhaps this is why poker games have become increasingly popular over the past decades

Technology has made it possible for gamblers to play poker games like Omaha, five-card draw and Texas Hold’em online in locations other than a gaming venue. To enjoy a game of poker, you can just open your favorite poker site and join the game instead of dressing up to join a table of strangers in a local poker room. 

Online Player Experience Less Short-Term Variance

A man celebrates winning on his laptop while sat at a poker table with poker chips behind him

If a good player in poker needs to pay $1/$2 online for a month, it would be hard for the players to have a bad month. The number of times they play every day across several tables is usually enough to push variance up in favor of the player. 

On the other hand, for players who are better than average, if they play with $5 and $10 tables, they usually end up with less money than in the beginning. It is entirely plausible that they could have a losing month. The short-term variance forces live poker players to play with more caution than online players and makes them more result-oriented. 

Take Advantage of the Online Tools at BetMGM

Transitioning to online poker has certainly been made easier due to the availability of resources and tools on the internet. Playing poker online also has several other advantages, like allowing players to play more hands and practice whenever they choose to. Fortunately, learning is even easier on sites such as BetMGM, which offers a wealth of advice. Register with BetMGM today to learn the ropes of online poker as well as a wide variety of other casino table games, online slots and other betting options.

Torn between the appeal of playing poker at a brick-and-mortar casino or an online version? Discover why it is easy to play poker online.