Home » Guides » Poker Pro-Tips: How To Play Weak Ace Hands

Poker Pro-Tips: How To Play Weak Ace Hands

Home » Guides » Poker Pro-Tips: How To Play Weak Ace Hands

Poker Pro-Tips: How To Play Weak Ace Hands


Both novice and experienced poker players can find themselves with a weak hand at the poker table, but knowing how to potentially turn things around is what separates the winners from the losers. Although an ace is the strongest card, its winning capabilities depend on the second card you’re dealt. A weak ace hand, otherwise known as an ace rag in poker, occurs when you have an ace accompanied by a card lower than 10.

Playing weak ace hands is a learned skill requiring another level of tact and decision-making, which can improve with practice. Doing so can give you the confidence and basic knowledge of how to play the cards you’ve been dealt in the most strategic way possible, whether you’re playing poker live or online. Playing online poker for real money presents a high-risk, high-reward scenario. This is especially true at poker tournaments, where the stakes are extremely high and every player is vying for the top spot. So, knowing how to utilize certain hands to the best of their ability is key to online poker success.

Different Types of Weak Ace Hands

From eight of the cards that formulate a weak ace hand, only a few combinations have a good chance of winning. Here are some top poker tips and tricks for playing with weak ace hands. Knowing how to play with an ace rag is an essential part of poker strategy. For beginners, it’s easy to get carried away with an ace in your hand. As good as the card is, it needs support. For example, an ace-king or ace-queen are great pairs. Below are the different types of weak ace hands:

  • ace-two
  • ace-three
  • ace-four
  • ace-five
  • ace-six
  • ace-seven
  • ace-eight
  • ace-nine

Due to an ace’s ability to become one, playing poker with weak aces is not always so bad. Take an ace-two, for instance. Yes, they’re the two lowest cards, but with supporting cards on the board, they can turn into a straight. This also applies to cards three, four and five due to a straight consisting of five cards in order, such as an ace-two-three-four-five.

On the other hand, playing poker with weak aces can get you nowhere, with cards six, seven, eight and nine being in no man’s land territory. This is because they can’t support each other – your best chance of winning is a two-pair.

Strategies for Playing Weak Ace Hands


Not sure how to play weak ace hands? Here are some recommended strategies to try out.

Know When To Fold

If you want to advance your online poker skills, knowing when to fold is key. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t engage in a round with a weak ace hand because your chances of winning are slim. Calling blinds during the pre-flop can be the same as giving away free money. Unless you’re a small blind or big blind, it isn’t advisable to enter the round. Poker tournaments, whether in person or online, can last several hours, meaning patience and selective betting are crucial to longevity in a game.

Furthermore, if history has taught us anything, it’s that an ace rag doesn’t win big pots. If you do happen to win a round, it’s usually because the opponents around you haven’t received strong hands either. This suggests that not much betting will take place during the round.

Knowing when to quit is central to being a responsible gambler. Losing rounds can cause players to tilt, which results in players over-betting, forgetting their strategy and making mistakes. Knowing when to fold a round or quit a game cannot be stressed enough.


That being said, there are strategies that can help lift your chances of success. Regardless of the combination – with the exceptions of ace-eight and ace-four – if they’re in the same suit, it’s worth semi-bluffing to see what the flop brings. Being the fifth strongest hand, a flush in poker gives you a good chance of winning.

Semi-bluffing can be very effective when you have ace rags of the same suit or an ace paired with two, three, four or five. Why? Because poker is a game of unpredictability and you never know what the dealer will place on the board. Suddenly your weak ace hand can be one card away from a straight or flush. For instance, if you’re dealt an ace-five and the flop is two-four-jack, you only need a three to complete a straight. Although, chasing cards can be financially detrimental so try not to overdo it.



Another method used by professionals is bluffing. In the World Series of Poker, millions of dollars have been won on a bluff. And sometimes when you lose a round bluffing, you win later. Adding an element of spontaneity to your game is a compelling way to keep your opponents guessing. Next time you have strong cards, players may believe you’re bluffing again and call you till the end. Once opponents understand your playing personality, you’re in for a long game – bluffing reduces the chances of this happening.

Play Passively

Although potentially a contentious strategy for playing with weak ace hands, some suggest playing passively by limping pre-flop. Again, because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to poker, and you never really know who you’ll be up against, this strategy might work in your favor. While there are downsides to limping (such as giving your opponents insight into your hand and having them strategically play to hit a strong hand,) there are some other factors worth considering.

For starters, playing passively and limping preflop can help you fool your opponents. They shouldn’t start to see a pattern and realize that you only raise with strong hands and limp with weak ones; so by limping, they may not immediately realize that you’ve got a weak ace hand.

Another pro of limping preflop with a weak ace hand is that it allows you to avoid potentially losing big, as you can see the flop cheaply. Simply put, when you opt to limp in, you get to see the flop for a small bet, which can ultimately help you assess the strength of your hand before putting in any more money. This could even be the difference between a win and a loss!

Even though your chances are slim with an ace rag, it’s not always a bad idea to see what cards the flop produces. If you have a pair and the next round of betting is low, then play to stay in the game. Poker can be a funny game; there can be hours of high-ranking hands followed by a long lull where weak hands win games.

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