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BetMGM Poker and Responsible Gambling: Tools, Resources, and More

Home » Guides » BetMGM Poker and Responsible Gambling: Tools, Resources, and More

BetMGM Poker and Responsible Gambling: Tools, Resources, and More

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A significant part of regulated online poker in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey is a substantial responsible gambling initiative. Far more than a simple “be responsible” message, state regulators require online poker operators to implement a wide-reaching program and follow through with ongoing initiatives and player protections.

BetMGM did more than just create a web page and list a few helpful resources. It licensed a program called GameSense®, originally created by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation in Canada. That extensive program is full of information and resources.

What Is the GameSense® Responsible Gambling Program?

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Essentially, GameSense® is a sphere of helpful information about gambling. One of the primary goals is to explain the various types of gambling activities, from slots to lottery games, and sports betting to poker, and how to play them safely. It dispels myths while providing a wealth of information about house (casino) advantage, true odds of winning, skill versus chance, and randomness. 

The other main goal of this responsible gambling program is to provide tools to manage gambling and resources for obtaining help – for oneself or for others – if needed.

BetMGM supports the entirety of the program, as exemplified by a set of principles:

  1. Gambling should be fun and enjoyed as entertainment.
  2. BetMGM is committed to embedding the responsible gambling program across all company activities.
  3. While the majority of people gamble responsibly, some experience problems.
  4. Informed choice can prevent gambling-related harm, so BetMGM provides information, odds, and resources to empower customers to make appropriate choices.
  5. BetMGM will make every reasonable effort to assist those with gambling-related problems.
  6. A shared responsibility approach includes working with government, academia, treatment centers, advocacy groups, communities, and customers to promote responsible gambling.
  7. BetMGM is committed to evaluating and continuously improving its programs and initiatives.

Responsible Online Poker Play

Poker players might think that they are ahead on the responsibility ladder since poker is more a game of skill than chance. In addition, there is no house advantage in poker, as players compete against each other, and the operator does not benefit from any particular outcome of a hand.

While these things are true, it doesn’t mean that poker players are exempt from problem gambling. They are susceptible to falling into poker traps, which is why poker education tools and instructors stress things like bankroll management, odds, and game theory.

On the BetMGM Poker client in New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ontario, players will see a small green circle with yellow lettering at the top of the screen, just next to the Poker, Casino, Sports, and Offers options. The RG stands for responsible gambling, and a simple click on that button takes the player to the GameSense® web page.

Responsible Gambling Tools

A full suit of Aces, red, and green casino chips arranged on a laptop.

There are tools that any player can use when playing poker online at BetMGM. These are settings that players can set in their own account or by contacting a customer service representative. There is no need to explain the reasons for taking action, as your request is all that is necessary for a BetMGM team member to provide assistance.

There are many options, each with time and dollar amount limits for the player to choose.

  • Take a timeout. This can be a period of as little as 72 hours and up to a year. Logging in, withdrawing money, and viewing hand histories are permitted during a timeout, but no actual real-money poker play or deposits are allowed.
  • Set a time limit. Determine a maximum time to be online during any given day. That time is then set, and a prompt will warn that the time limit is nearing and then log out automatically.
  • Set a deposit limit. Determine the maximum amount available for this form of entertainment per day, week, or month. Once that cap is set, deposits will not be allowed until that preset time limit expires.
  • Set a loss limit. Determine the maximum amount of money to lose before betting stops for a particular period, which can be daily, weekly, or monthly. This works similarly to the deposit and time limits.
  • Enroll in self-exclusion. Any player can enroll themselves in their state’s gambling self-exclusion program for set periods of time – specifically one year, five years, or a lifetime. The ban will apply to all gambling throughout the state, both live and online.

Playing poker responsibly, using bankroll management and smart strategy helps keep poker the fun game it is meant to be.

At BetMGM, what does a responsible gambling program with an online poker focus look like?