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Big Wins With SPINS Tournaments at BetMGM

Home » Tournaments » Big Wins With SPINS Tournaments at BetMGM

Big Wins With SPINS Tournaments at BetMGM

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SPINS tournaments are becoming increasingly popular among poker players. Basically, it’s a sit-and-go (SNG) with the chance to win random jackpots added to the mix. An SNG is a specific poker tournament format that deviates slightly from traditional scheduled tournaments found in local card rooms. Unlike the latter, SNGs don’t adhere to a fixed starting time but commence as soon as the required number of players register. The player threshold for initiating an SNG poker game ranges from two to several hundred, with the game activating only upon reaching the necessary number of registrants.

Typically, SNG tournaments boast a fixed prize pool. Some poker platforms, however, have introduced “on-demand” SNGs where the prize pool can expand if additional players register post-tournament initiation. SNGs are characterized by relatively swift blind level progressions, wrapping up in one to two hours. This makes them particularly appealing to casual players or those engaging in online poker as a part-time pursuit.

How To Play SPINS Sit-and-Go Poker at BetMGM

SPINS stands out as partypoker’s thrilling rendition of sit-and-go jackpot games, offering players the chance to secure substantial cash prizes with a modest buy-in. BetMGM Online has integrated the immensely popular poker system of SPINS into its bouquet of poker online games.

These games are not only speedy but are also entertaining and user-friendly, catering to players of all skill levels with buy-ins ranging from $0.25–$250. Upon entering the game, the decisive “SPIN” unfolds, determining the size of the prize pool awaiting you. With the SPIN multipliers spanning from 2x your buy-in to an astonishing 240,000x your buy-in, you might find yourself amid an exhilarating three-handed turbo sit-and-go, competing for a prize pool 240,000x the initial buy-in, comparable with some of the biggest card games in the world.

Current SPINS Tournaments at BetMGM

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The prize pool in SPIN poker tournaments ranges from 2x to an impressive 1,200x your initial buy-in. For instance, a $25 SPIN Tournament could yield a substantial $30K payout.

While most SPINS allocate the entire prize pool to the tournament winner, the top-tier SPINS (ranging from 25x to 1,200x the buy-in) distribute cash rewards to all three players.

With blind levels escalating every three minutes, the gameplay maintains a brisk pace, ensuring an action-packed experience. Keep an eye out for moments when the most substantial multipliers come into play — this guarantees that everyone walks away with a cash prize.

How To Participate

  • Invest in your buy-in, which spans from $1–$25.
  • Secure your spot in a three-player sit-and-go (meaning you can also play poker online with friends).
  • Once all participants are in place, the table will spin into action, unveiling the ultimate prize pool.

Finding a SPINS Tournament Game

After accessing the BetMGM desktop or mobile lobby, discovering and joining your ideal SPINS game takes a matter of seconds. Navigate to “Poker,” select “Tournaments.” and then “SPINS Tournaments.” Click on “Play Now” and take advantage of BetMGM online poker real-money opportunities. New players are privy to a generous poker welcome offer which consists of a 100% deposit match up to $1,000, and up to $75 in tournament tickets.


Upon seating three players and just before the initial card is distributed, the table undergoes a thrilling “SPIN,” unveiling the prize pool for your game. For instance, in the case of a $1M SPINS game, your potential prize pool spans from $10 to a whopping $1,200,000. As a player, there’s no action required on your part; the table executes the SPIN automatically. Relax, get ready to play, and keep those fingers crossed.

Playing the SPINS Tournament

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Dive into BetMGM’s SPINS games, featuring the widely popular Texas hold’em poker, a globally recognized poker variant. Whether you’re a seasoned online poker enthusiast or someone frequenting live casinos and poker rooms, this format will feel like second nature. If you’re new to Texas hold’em or aiming to refine your strategy, check out BetMGM’s poker school for valuable tips.

Tips for Playing SPINS Sit-and-Go Poker

Here are a few tips for playing SPINS poker games.

Embrace an Active Playing Style

Transitioning from six- or eight-handed to three-handed play demands a shift toward more hands. Avoid excessive folding to prevent blinds from swiftly depleting your stack.

Adapt Strategically

Identify opponents folding too frequently and exploit it by increasing your big blind raises. Recognize players going all-in constantly and be ready to counter with a broader range of hands.

Seize Opportunities To Go All-In

With a consistently short stack throughout the tournament, avoid gradual chip loss by opting for decisive moves instead of small raises and subsequent folds.

Consistent Play Regardless of Multipliers

Some players falter when not reaching larger prize pools. Capitalize on this tendency, ensuring you double your money more frequently.

Hone Your Heads-Up Skills

The critical stage for winning is during heads-up play. Master the art of choosing when to go all-in and when to fold, providing a crucial advantage in the tournament’s pivotal phase.

Enjoy Online Poker Tournaments at BetMGM

BetMGM Poker fully embraces its status as one of the top online poker sites, providing a slew of tournament options ranging from SPINS and progressive knockouts to six-figure high rollers, and lots more. If you’re an online poker tournament enthusiast looking to use your poker strategies to beat your opponents’ hands, then register an account and let the bluffing begin.

Have you got what it takes to win big with SPINS Tournaments at BetMGM Online? Find out more about the fast-paced world of SNG poker tournaments.