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How To Use Flopzilla To Improve Your Poker Skills

Home » Guides » How To Use Flopzilla To Improve Your Poker Skills

How To Use Flopzilla To Improve Your Poker Skills

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The introduction of online casino games has made games like poker much more accessible, and people from all over the world play poker online. Innovative technology drives online casino platforms and is constantly evolving the way people play and learn about online games. 

During the Poker Boom era (2003–2006), new players had limited means of learning the intricacies of how to play poker for real money online; they relied on poker books and a few internet resources. However, new generations of players have many more options, and poker learning tools are now increasingly available and advanced.

Flopzilla is one of the most popular poker learning tools today and should be on every aspiring poker player’s radar.

Here’s what you need to know about Flopzilla and how to use it to improve your basic poker skills.

What Is Flopzilla?

At its most complicated, Flopzilla is an advanced equity calculator used for Texas hold’em games. The tool allows players to calculate the equity of a certain hand against others, as well as the equity of one range against another, and much more.

However, the Flopzilla poker tool is most commonly used as a form of poker learning tool. Players can study how different hands hold up against others and how ranges interact with different board textures. It’s one of the most popular poker learning tools on the market, and for good reason. You can learn to master the mysteries of poker and improve your poker skills dramatically.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is not a poker solver tool and won’t give you tips on how to play your hands. It is simply a tool that provides an in-depth mathematical breakdown of poker ranges and hand equity that you can study.

Top Ways To Use Flopzilla To Improve Your Poker Skills

A screen from poker learning tool Flopzilla that shows different poker hand combinations and a big chart.

As mentioned, this software can be used for a range of different hand and range analyses. You’ll want to explore the different aspects to improve the different aspects of your poker game. 

Here are some of the top ways to use the tool to study and vastly improve your skill set.

Poker Hand vs. Hand Equity Analysis

If you’re learning how to play poker, the first thing to try on this tool is the Poker Hand vs. Hand Equity Analysis. It’s one of the most basic poker concepts but one that many players don’t quite fully understand. It’s simply about understanding what equity your hand has against another one.

Hand vs. hand equity simulations in Flopzilla are extremely precise and will give you exact numbers for different board textures. This even allows you to then calculate for hands with different suits in your opponent’s hand and your own.

Poker Range vs. Hand Equity Analysis

A poker learning tool screen from Flopzilla that depicts the equity of range versus different hand combinations with a variety of charts and other information.

There is a range of free online calculators that will calculate your hand vs. hand equity, but there are very few that will calculate the equity of a range against a particular hand. Flopzilla is one of the tools that does this best.

For example, would a 3-bet calling range stand up against A-K hands, which you think your opponent is 3-betting with a lot of frequency? 

You’ll be able to put any hand range into the tool against any particular hand. It will then reveal the equity numbers for this in both the different board textures you choose and for preflop action.

This allows you to remember ranges to use in different situations against a variety of sizings.

Poker Range vs. Range Equity Analysis

Poker is a mind sport, and you need to have strategies in place for cash games and poker tournaments. One of the more complex features of this tool to add to your strategy is poker range vs. range equity. In other words, it helps you understand how certain ranges do against others. You can pit ranges against each other and study the equities.

This kind of calculation is basically impossible for a run-of-the-mill human to do during a game, but Flopzilla spits out the results in just a few seconds. The numbers from Flopzilla are incredibly reliable and precise, too. 

Poker Range Interaction With a Board

This is one of the most common uses of this tool, and it teaches you how a certain hand range will interact with a certain board. This is priceless in learning how to pick the right spots for different plays. 

By learning this information, you’ll be able to widen your bluffing ranges, make more exploits, and know exactly when to fold in certain situations.

Move Onto FlopzillaPro When You’re Ready

Players who have already purchased Flopzilla can now access a new prototype software, FlopzillaPro. It’s quite advanced and is probably not for beginner players, but once you have the hang of things, it offers some great extra features.

It’s Quicker

Unbelievably, it calculates even faster than the original version of the tool.

Multiway Mode

You can simultaneously calculate the equities for up to 10 ranges.

GTO+ Import

This important feature allows you to import any poker hands that you already have in a GTO+ solver into Flopzilla.

Preflop Equities

You can now test out how likely your preflop hand is to make a pair, set, flush, or full house.

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Flopzilla is an online poker learning tool that can be used to improve your poker skills drastically. Here are the top ways to use Flopzilla. Find out more.