Home » Tournaments » March Poker Mania Hits BetMGM with $300K GTD

March Poker Mania Hits BetMGM with $300K GTD

Home » Tournaments » March Poker Mania Hits BetMGM with $300K GTD

March Poker Mania Hits BetMGM with $300K GTD


Everyone knows what March means in American gambling, but for BetMGM online poker players, it is time for a special week of poker tournaments dubbed March Poker Mania. This is a 26-tournament annual schedule for each of these three states – New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – and more than $300,000 in guarantees across the series.

Of course, the month of March is also notorious for basketball, specifically college basketball. There’s a trademarked name for the month of basketball and brackets and bets, but we can just call it the Third-Month-of-the-Year B-Ball Craziness. What it means is that people of all stripes watch the games and stay glued to the coverage and updates.

Now if only there was a way to combine poker and a basketball lover’s favorite time of year…
Look no further than BetMGM.

Take those brackets and sweat your bets at BetMGM Sportsbook online, all while building a bankroll and winning pots on the BetMGM Poker site. Poker playing and sports watching often go together like a free throw and a swoosh.

March Poker Mania at BetMGM

The poker part of the March frenzy is simple. The March Poker Mania online tournament series runs from Sunday, March 10 through Sunday, March 17. And the same (but separate) series is offered to players on the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan sites.

Players in each state will find a list of 26 March Mania online poker tournaments in the poker lobby. Buy-ins range from $50 to $500, with guarantees up to $50K for the Mania Finals.

SunMarch 105pm1NLHE Tip-Off$250$30K
SunMarch 106pm2NLHE PKO First Basket ($50 bounties)$100$12K
SunMarch 107pm3C-Note NLHE$100$15K
SunMarch 108pm4NLHE Fast Break Turbo$50$3K
MonMarch 117pm5C-Note NLHE$100$12K
MonMarch 118pm6NLHE Jump Shot$250$12K
MonMarch 119pm7NLHE PKO Fast Break Turbo ($25 bounties)$50$2K
TuesMarch 127pm8C-Note NLHE$100$12K
TuesMarch 128pm9NLHE Slam Dunk PKO ($250 bounties)$500$25K
TuesMarch 129pm10NLHE Fast Break Turbo$50$2K
WedMarch 137pm11C-Note NLHE$100$12K
WedMarch 138pm12PLO Halftime$250$10K
WedMarch 139pm13PLO Fast Break Turbo$50$2K
ThursMarch 147pm14C-Note NLHE$100$12K
ThursMarch 148pm15NLHE Sixth Man 6-Max$250$12K
ThursMarch 149pm16NLHE Fast Break Turbo$50$2K
FriMarch 157pm17C-Note NLHE$100$12K
FriMarch 158pm18NLHE Bank Shot$250$10K
FriMarch 159pm19NLHE PKO Fast Break Turbo ($25 bounties)$50$2K
SatMarch 167pm20C-Note NLHE$100$12K
SatMarch 168pm21PLO PKO Hook Shot ($125 bounties)$250$10K
SatMarch 169pm22NLHE Fast Break Turbo$50$2K
SunMarch 175pm23NLHE Mania Finals$500$50K
SunMarch 176pm24NLHE PKO And-One ($125 bounties)$250$25K
SunMarch 177pm25C-Note NLHE$100$15K
SunMarch 178pm26NLHE Overtime$50$3K

Prizes Include Custom BetMGM Basketball Jerseys

Players who buy in or satellite in to any tournament at the $250 or $500 buy-in level are eligible for a special promotion. The winners of those nine events in each state will each receive a customized, personalized basketball jersey.

Not only will those tournament winners receive first-place money for their efforts, they will also receive a unique BetMGM basketball jersey bearing the player’s screen name and event number. 

March Poker Mania Pick-A-Card Bonus

Additionally, the March Poker Mania Pick-A-Card Bonus is already underway. It began on March 7 and will run through March 16, the day before the tournament series ends.

Players in cash games or tournaments will earn BRPs (BetMGM Rewards Points) for regular poker play. When a player earns at least 20 BRPs in a single day, they will earn a set of three cards. They will consist of:

  • a $500 March Poker Mania tournament ticket
  • a $50 March Poker Mania satellite ticket
  • a $5 March Poker Mania satellite ticket

The player picks a card and wins the revealed prize. They can do this once per day through March 16 and use the ticket(s) for action in this 2024 March Mania series.