Home » News » More BetMGM Poker Events at ARIA Classic Begin June 30

More BetMGM Poker Events at ARIA Classic Begin June 30

Home » News » More BetMGM Poker Events at ARIA Classic Begin June 30

More BetMGM Poker Events at ARIA Classic Begin June 30

ARIA Poker Classic in Vegas.

The BetMGM Poker Championship happened just weeks ago amidst the ARIA Poker Classic. Now the poker community in Las Vegas is getting ready for another round of action with a $1,100 Mystery Bounty tournament with a $250,000 guarantee on June 30 and a $1,600 No Limit Hold’em Championship event with a $500,000 guarantee on July 1-2. 

A Quick Recap of the BetMGM Poker Championship

As a quick reminder, big numbers highlighted the BetMGM Poker Championship events that ran from Jun 6 – 11. The Championship slid into the ARIA Poker Classic with Mystery Bounty and Championship tournaments. They were both huge hits, as evidenced by the numbers.

The $1,100 No Limit Hold’em Mystery Bounty showed the initial excitement by wildly surpassing the $500,000 guarantee:

  • Total entries:  887
  • Total prize pool:  $860,390
  • Total paid players:  110

The ultimate winner was Lukas Zaskodny, who won $68,052 in first-prize money to go with his $45,060 in bounties collected throughout the tournament. That sent him home with $113,112, an ARIA Poker Classic trophy, and a BetMGM Poker trophy. 

Next up was the $3,500 buy-in BetMGM Poker No Limit Hold’em Championship, and it set a new record for this event. The $3,000,000 guarantee was left in the dust as the prize pool grew to the largest one yet.

  • Total entries:  1,141
  • Total prize pool:  $3,651,200
  • Total paid players:  143

When everything ultimately played out on a PokerGO livestream, all eyes were on the final table, which drew more than 67,000 views to date. After hours of intense play, Daniel Maor was crowned the winner, defeating longtime poker pro Shannon Shorr to capture his most prestigious poker title and largest poker score of $613,914.

Play It Again, ARIA

As the 2024 ARIA Poker Classic has played on through June, crowning champions and awarding hundreds of thousands of dollars daily, there is a point in the schedule for BetMGM Poker to jump in again with two featured events. 

  • June 30 at 11 a.m.:  $1,100 buy-in No Limit Hold’em Mystery Bounty ($250,000 GTD)
  • July 1-2 at noon:  $1,600 buy-in No Limit Hold’em Championship ($500,000 GTD)

ARIA’s poker room on the Las Vegas Strip is the place to be for those events. Players like Darren Elias, Caitlin Comeskey, and Nikki Limo are just a few of the recognizable faces who will be in the mix.

How to Play BetMGM Poker Events at ARIA

Many players from Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey qualified online to play both of the BetMGM Poker events at ARIA. They won prize packages, each worth $3,500, and will be in Vegas to play the Mystery Bounty and Championship tournaments.

The best thing, however, is that anyone can play! Simply go to the poker room at ARIA and buy in directly to play either or both of the BetMGM Poker events. 

Mystery Bounty players will receive chips valued at 30,000 for their $1,100 buy-ins. If they bust, they can re-enter through Level 8. 

As for the Championship, players will start with chips valued at 40,000 for their $1,600 buy-ins. There are also re-entries allowed in this tournament. 

Even better, players can compete in a special BetMGM Poker satellite event on June 30 at 5 p.m. for just $240 at ARIA. One in eight players will receive a $1,600 seat into the Main Event for an incredible bargain price.

What To Know About Re-Entries

BetMGM Poker Ambassador Darren Elias knows poker, and he has information and insight about reentries and rebuys to share.

(For other advice from a seasoned pro, including tips for crushing weak competition in tournaments, visit the Darren’s Den page.) 

Re-entering a tournament is a chance for a fresh start, but that doesn’t mean players who bust their first entry don’t have feelings about it. Nikki Limo knows what that’s like and wants players to know they are not alone.

Whether on a first or second bullet in a tournament, everyone can benefit from this ASMR moment of zen, courtesy of aforementioned BetMGM Poker ambassador, Darren Elias. 

Caitlin Comeskey Shares Advice and Anticipation

One with a keen eye may have noticed Caitlin Comeskey at quite a few BetMGM Poker events lately. She was most certainly in the mix at the BetMGM Championship and will be at the next events as well. 

Why, you may ask?

“Playing at the ARIA is a delight!” Comeskey told us via e-mail. “It’s less crowded and offers a premier poker room experience: fast and reliable dealers, table-side food and drink service, and attentive management.” As for the BetMGM partnership with ARIA, she added, “I always look forward to competing in BetMGM events!”

Ever the poker professional, Comeskey recently shared some tips and advice for players on her social media accounts:

For those who want to remain in the moment, focused on the tournament, and unbothered by their surroundings, Comeskey has some solid advice for you, too.

Some players will inevitably make it all the way to tilt territory. Comeskey has a way to RESIST that mindset:

Good luck to everyone playing the events! Keep up to date on the three days of nonstop action with the PokerOrg instant action crew.