Home » News » Borgata Spring Poker Open Wraps with Joel Deutsch as Championship Winner

Borgata Spring Poker Open Wraps with Joel Deutsch as Championship Winner

Home » News » Borgata Spring Poker Open Wraps with Joel Deutsch as Championship Winner

Borgata Spring Poker Open Wraps with Joel Deutsch as Championship Winner

Joel Deutsch won the 2024 Borgata Spring Poker Open Championship. Photo credit: Alicia Skillman

It’s now in the poker history books. The 2024 Borgata Spring Poker Open is done and dusted – chips put back in storage, live streaming table and equipment dismantled, players gone home or to the everyday Borgata poker room. 

Overall, the numbers were quite impressive, with almost every tournament surpassing its guarantee by significant amounts. Additionally, the stories that emerged from the series were told and immortalized on the Borgata Spring Poker Open hub on Poker.org

Borgata Spring Poker Open’s Impressive Prize Pools and an Overlay

Many of the events at the 2024 Borgata Spring Poker Open offered prize pool guarantees, and turnout reflected players’ approval. Some examples of this included:

  • $500 Almighty Million Kickoff = 3,407 entries / $1,447,975 prize pool ($1M GTD)
  • $600 Double Black Chip Bounty = 178 entries / $62,300 prize pool ($25K GTD)
  • $200 King of Poker PKO Shootout = 310 entries / $46,500 prize pool ($20K GTD)
  • $1,100 PLO Championship = 164 entries / $160,720 prize pool ($100K GTD)
  • $400 Deep Event = 419 entries / $142,460 prize pool ($30K GTD)
  • $400 NLHE Saturday = 809 entries / $275,060 prize pool ($100K GTD)
  • $500 Deeper Event = 229 entries / $103,050 prize pool ($50K GTD)
  • $350 Seniors Championship = 447 entries / $129,630 prize pool ($50K GTD)
  • $560 Super Deep Redux = 117 entries / $56,745 prize pool ($50K GTD)
  • $600 Deepest Event = 107 entries / $56,175 prize pool ($50K GTD)
  • $300 Ladies Championship = 116 entries / $29,000 prize pool ($20K GTD)
  • $900 Mirror Mystery Bounty = 872 entries / $680,160 prize pool ($500K GTD)
  • $600 Deepstack Bounty = 110 entries / $37,400 prize pool ($25K GTD)
  • $560 Bankroll Builder Survivor = 155 entries / $75,175 prize pool ($20K GTD)
  • $1,500 6-Max Deepstack = 137 entries / $189,060 prize pool ($100K GTD)
  • $1,050 Big Chip Bounty = 115 entries / $55,775 prize pool ($50K GTD)

Interestingly, the one tournament that did not meet its guarantee was the Borgata Spring Poker Open Championship. The $2,700 buy-in Main Event had a sizable $2,000,000 guarantee. However, the 706 entries brought the prize pool to just $1,750,880, but the Borgata honored its guarantee by adding $249,120 to the pot. That overlay was a bonus for players – free money in the prize pool, if you will.

Winners in the Headlines

Several of the tournaments on the 2024 Borgata Spring Poker Open schedule delivered poker excitement for the fans and players alike.

Per the Borgata Spring Poker Open Week 1 recap, David Adam-Castrillo dominated the Almighty Million final table, taking down his first Borgata trophy and $214,615 in first-place money. And Cindy Spier survived her shootout tables, including the final table, to take the crown as the King of Poker. Technically, she became the Queen of Poker, and the Borgata team realized that a change needed to be made. 

The BetMGM Poker Online Hybrid Championship found a familiar face holding the winning cards. Brian Wood, who won this exact tournament at the Winter Poker Open, won this one, too. Now called Back-to-Back Brian, his latest victory was live streamed and set a high bar for future live/online hybrid events. 

And then there was Bin Weng. Last year, he won so many tournaments that he more than tripled his lifetime earnings to date by winning $6,647,556 in 2023 alone. He was also the GPI Player of the Year. That Pennsylvania native came to the BSPO with high hopes and outlasted a sizable field in the Mirror Mystery Bounty event. He won a total of $75,537 in prize money, including bounties. This man of few words had just one emoji to post on X.

Championship Win Is “For My Kids”

The Borgata Spring Poker Open Championship presented an exciting display of poker, complete with big names and big money. Of the 103 players who made the money, there were many familiar faces, like Ryan Eriquezzo, Will Failla, and Scott Blumstein.

The final table started with Joel Deutsch in the chip lead, but none of his competitors made it easy to navigate. There were quite a few swings throughout the six-hour livestream.

Ultimately, Deutsch took the chip lead into three-handed play but only a slight edge into heads-up action. It didn’t take long, though, for Andrew Voor to get it in on a flush draw and Deutsch to win with two pair. 

Deutsch told reporters that his daughters were watching the livestream, and that was the best part of the victory for him, “to be able to pull it off for my kids while they’re watching.” 

The final results of the final table were:

  • 1st place: Joel Deutsch ($347,000)
  • 2nd place: Andrew Voor ($239,000)
  • 3rd place: George Cain ($165,256)
  • 4th place: Justin Vaysman ($108,598)
  • 5th place: Carlos Alvarado ($79,749)
  • 6th place: Tony Sinishtaj ($58,317)
  • 7th place: Max Hoffman ($46,360)

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