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Lesser Known Tips to Up Your Poker Game

Home » Lesser Known Tips to Up Your Poker Game

Lesser Known Tips to Up Your Poker Game

A happy poker player reveals two aces.

Poker is one of the most popular casino table games and mostly relies on skill. Unlike games such as roulette and craps that give anyone a chance to win, if you don’t have strong fundamentals and a sound strategy, you’ll have a hard time trying to turn over a profit in poker. Whether you’re playing online poker or you’re at a land-based casino, the tips that we’ve provided below can help you to improve.

Before you get invested in the tips that we’ve provided, you’ll need to understand that these work in conjunction with a good base, meaning that you’ll need to have a good understanding of the game. 

Poker Tips

Poker tips can help you improve regardless of the type of game you’re playing. Whether you enjoy the quick pace of Omaha poker or you’re keen to watch the game unfold in multiple stages with Texas Hold’em poker, these tips will help you to look at the game from a different perspective.

Consider ranges

The easiest way to spot a beginner player is to analyze how they look at the possibility of their opponent’s hand. Beginner poker players are likely to try to guess the exact hand of their opponent, but experienced players will consider the range of the hand instead. A range is the whole spectrum of poker hands that a player can have in a particular situation.

This is a tip that will separate good players from average ones as a good player will understand that a player will show up with a range of hands with many frequencies. This is why they won’t try to predict a specific hand but rather the frequency and play according to that. 

On the flip side, average players will usually try to predict the exact hand their opponent has. This is often based on the infamous “gut feeling” – and it’s never a good idea to base your strategy on how you feel. It’s important to be realistic about the range, and a good way to get better at using this tip is to learn about the different poker hands and their ranking.

Be consistent

Arguably the most important tip to take from this guide is to be consistent when applying a winning strategy. Switching things up when you’re tilted or bored is a bad idea. Consistency is key, especially if you regularly play in online poker tournaments. One thing that many new players don’t understand is that the strategy only matters if it’s used all the time.

By watching poker tournaments that feature the best players, you’ll quickly learn that they will deploy their strategy regardless of their previous results or how they’re feeling. Understand that poker is a long-term game, and you’ll need time to establish a decent bankroll and a good strategy that works in your favor. Only change your strategy if you feel that you’re not getting the results that you want. 

Be wary of the tilt

A frustrated poker player looks at his cards.

Tilt is a common poker term that’s used to describe feelings of mental or emotional confusion, frustration or anger, and sometimes exhaustion. This leads to players making bad decisions and playing aggressively, which leads to losses. Not only is this a destroyer of bankrolls, but many poker careers have ended because of this. 

Controlling tilt is something that you’ll need to learn to do early in your poker career. The major key to doing this is to understand that bad things may happen in poker. By accepting that there’s nothing you can do about it, you’ll have a much better time dealing with losses and keeping a level head when things go south. Whether you play poker online or at a land-based casino, it’s a mentally challenging game that forces you to deal with ups and downs.

Have a reason to break your strategy

Sometimes the best poker players will deviate from their strategy, but there will be a good reason for it. This isn’t done out of boredom but rather to bait passive or recreational players into playing – sometimes, there are other reasons. If you can think of a reasonable excuse to abandon your usual strategy in favor of one that’s more profitable, then it’s okay.  

Only play if you want to

Poker is meant to be enjoyed, whether you’re a pro player or it’s a hobby. Like most things in life, you’ll only perform at your best when you’re happy, so it’s logical to only play when you’re in a good mood. Feelings of fatigue, frustration, or even anger can cloud your judgment, and it can result in big losses if you attempt to power through the feeling. 


Regardless of whether you’re an experienced poker player or a novice, practicing is always a good idea. This can be done by studying a variety of poker materials, playing in freeroll online poker tournaments, and practicing poker online. Freeroll poker tournaments require no entry fee, and the prize is usually a donation by the casino. 

Practicing poker at an online casino is a good way to become familiar with the game as there are generally a variety of poker games available. You’ll also have the option to play online poker in a live casino format that features a real dealer – this is a good way to start gaining confidence as it mimics a real-life game. 

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Discover a variety of lesser-known poker tips that can be used online or at the casino table that will help you to improve. Read more.