Home » The Art of Poker Table Talk: It’s Good For the Game

The Art of Poker Table Talk: It’s Good For the Game

Home » The Art of Poker Table Talk: It’s Good For the Game

The Art of Poker Table Talk: It’s Good For the Game

Poker cards and chips on a green felt table.

With the advent of online poker, it’s easy to think that poker table talk is a thing of the past. Digital operations and technological advances are revolutionizing the industry, but that’s not to say that the dynamics of live poker games should be forgotten completely. When it comes to poker table talk, you may wonder if it’s good or bad. The answer to this is that it depends on what you’re talking about and when you strike up a conversation.

Discussing things that have little to do with poker around the table may be frowned upon. However, engaging with other poker players on strategy, the odds, and the game may be beneficial. That being said, knowing when and how to initiate poker table talk is good etiquette — that’s why it can be regarded as an art.

The Influence of Poker Table Talk on Your Overall Game and Strategy

Your behavior around the poker table and willingness to talk to opponents can be telling of your overall game position and strategy. There are generally two ways players go about table talk — being a non-engaging statue or a lively chatterbox.

Your opponents may closely watch your choice of interaction (or lack thereof) to gauge where you are in the game. For example, suppose you’ve already positioned yourself as a statue, and you suddenly start responding to players and become more involved in the conversation around the table. In that case, it may suggest you have a good hand and are more optimistic about the game. Similarly, if you’re a chatterbox but suddenly go quiet, it suggests you’re not doing too well, and your cards aren’t as promising as you’d like them to be.

A key part of poker is bluffing and having a poker face, extending to your engagement in table talk. So, you could use the above narratives to your advantage and manipulate your opponents into believing what you want them to think about your position in the game. Your comments can be strategic and tactfully planned to create a particular impression about your hands and overall strategy. 

In the sphere of online casino games, while the setting may be different, there are similar tells to look out for. Pay attention to how opponents interact, even in online poker rooms.

Can Table Talk Be Good for the Game?

Poker tournament table.

Table talk can most certainly be for the game. It can go a long way in boosting morale and putting novice players at ease. After all, poker is meant to be a fun and engaging game. The last thing you want is for players to feel uncomfortable and out of place. Not only will that impact their gameplay, but it will also reduce the chances of them returning to play another game at the same table or poker room.

The Dos and Don’ts of Poker Table Talk

The etiquette of poker table talk applies mostly to games at brick-and-mortar establishments. However, they are transferable to online poker tournaments and games, too. There’s still a social element to playing poker online, so you need to grasp the basics of table talk and navigating conversations that fellow players might initiate when playing casino table games online.


  • Address and reprimand anyone who’s breaking the rules.
  • Speak up when a mistake has been made.
  • Use poker talk to sway the game in your favor.
  • Be courteous and inviting in your talk to make the game fun.


  • Discuss things that have nothing to do with poker, such as the weather, family, work, or other irrelevant topics.
  • Speculate loudly about your opponent’s hand.
  • Speak to opponents or the dealer out of turn.
  • Ask questions that may jeopardize the integrity of an ongoing game.
  • Discuss strategy around the poker table.
  • Talk about a hand before it concludes.

How To Master Table Talk

Poker chips stacked on a wooden table surface

Mastering an art doesn’t happen overnight; it requires practice and developing a habit. This is true for poker table talk as well. To master it, you must strike a good balance between talking too much and too little. Identifying opportune moments to vocalize something is gold. Getting this right will ensure that you don’t speak out of turn or jeopardize the game, and it can work to your advantage to manipulate your opponents — if done right. Good poker etiquette also dictates that you remain respectful and mindful of the dealer and your opponents at all times when engaging in table talk.

Put Your Best Foot Forward at Your Next Poker Game

Just as poker table talk can work to your advantage at a land-based casino, using the chat option wisely at an online poker tournament or game is crucial to an enjoyable game. Although playing poker games online differs from in-person interaction, many elements remain the same. The stakes are high when playing online poker for real money, so using certain strategies and tactics to give you the upper hand is one way of achieving success. 

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Poker table talk is an important part of creating a welcoming environment for players. Discover best practices and how to avoid jeopardizing the game.