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The Nuts in Poker Explained

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The Nuts in Poker Explained

Aerial view of some dice and poker chips.

An online poker tournament involves plenty of competitors, meaning it’s unrealistic to assume you will have a  chance of winning each round. Historically, experienced players are known to fold consecutive rounds for hours on end. However, once in a blue moon, you will be greeted with a strong hand that puts you in a winning position. We discuss what a nut in poker is and how to play it.

What is Nuts in Poker?

So, what is nuts in poker? Put simply, it refers to the best possible hand available. In essence, you’re unplayable and certain to win the round. Overall, a royal flush is the highest-ranking hand, making it the ultimate nut hand. However, this rarely occurs – even after months of playing – resulting in each round having an optimal hand. Something that cannot be beaten.

For example, using Texas Hold’em poker hands, if the community cards are a jack of hearts, 4 of clubs, 6 of hearts, 9 of hearts and 2 of diamonds, the nuts would be an ace-high flush. Because it’s the strongest hand of the round, it would be the nut hand.

When holding the nut hand, your priority should be to build up the pot, thus increasing the winnings. Beginners are prone to getting overexcited and betting aggressively, causing most opponents to fold. The key is to be patient and let others do the betting for you – to avoid suspicion. Once players get the slightest gist of the cards you’re holding, they won’t hesitate to fold. This is where your poker face is tested. Remain calm and composed, let others play and allow the round to unravel without aggressive play. Taking the attention away from you is crucial.

A king and ace card on the table.

When it’s your turn during a game of online poker, don’t bet instantly; let your time run a bit to show a sense of indecisiveness. Deceiving players when holding the nut hand is a major step towards building the pot. If opponents sense your confidence through fast bets, they may perceive you to have a strong hand and back out – another reason why you shouldn’t bet big in the early rounds. However, once you’re on the river (the last round of betting,) don’t be afraid to be the aggressor with a raise or re-raise.

Although, when you play poker online, you’ll notice periods of slow and cautious play. If you’re experiencing a check-round situation when holding a nut hand, you should place a small bet to keep the pot size climbing. Remember, the nuts in poker don’t occur often so it’s all about maximizing your moment when you’re fortunate enough to hold the strongest hand.

The best scenario is when an opponent carries a strong hand that influences them to bet aggressively. In this instance, let them do the betting and remain elusive by matching their bets (rather than re-raising.) They may be confident about having the winning hand, but a nut hand will always win. For example, if the community cards are 5 of clubs, 7 of diamonds, 8 of hearts, 9 of clubs and 2 of spades, and an opponent holds a 6, they will be optimistic of winning as they have a straight. But this can be beaten with a 10 or jack as it’s the highest straight available. On the other hand, when you have a strong hand that isn’t the nut hand, knowing when to stop playing is crucial to coming out with a positive attitude.

Letting others play the aggressor is another great way to build the pot. Why? Because if they sense that everyone is betting cautiously, they may assume that no one has the nut hand causing them to stake high due to a belief that they have the unbeatable hand.

Drawing to the nuts

Drawing to the nuts occurs when a player needs one or two more cards to put together an unbeatable hand. In essence, you’re semi-bluffing as you do not have a made hand, but there is the possibility of it happening. For example, if a player is holding a 6 of clubs and 7 of hearts with 8 of hearts, 5 of clubs and 2 of diamonds on the board, they only need a 9 to make it a nut hand.

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A royal flush with poker chips on the table.

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But, with Omaha and more, our list of poker variations doesn’t end with these two formats.

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Once in a blue moon you will be greeted with a strong hand that puts you in a winning position. We discuss what a nut in poker is and how to play it.