Home » Dealer’s Choice Poker: What It Is and How To Pick Your Game

Dealer’s Choice Poker: What It Is and How To Pick Your Game

Home » Dealer’s Choice Poker: What It Is and How To Pick Your Game

Dealer’s Choice Poker: What It Is and How To Pick Your Game

A poker dealer reaching over a stack of poker chips and cash to show the camera their dealer chip.

The exciting world of online poker offers a vast range of games and variations, each with its own unique challenges and strategies. Among the many different types, Dealer’s Choice poker games are perhaps the most interesting.

It’s hard enough to master any form of poker. Even veteran players continue to learn deep into their final years. So, having to play multiple games at the same time is a real test of ability. However, poker online games of this nature can also be highly enjoyable, as you’re about to discover.

What Is Dealer’s Choice Poker?

Dealer’s Choice combines multiple poker games into one. As the name implies, whoever has the dealer button gets to pick the game that’ll be played for the next hand. The unpredictability adds an extra layer of excitement, whether you’re enjoying a home game with friends or an online poker tournament.

From the well-known Texas Hold’em to the lesser-known Razz, the possibilities for fun Dealer’s Choice poker games are almost endless. That said, you can gain an edge if you’re better than your opponents at certain types of poker. As long as you’re the dealer, you have the control.

The Appeal of Flexibility

One of the key attractions of Dealer’s Choice is flexibility. Players must adapt to the fluid dynamics of different games, requiring a wide range of skills and strategies. This constant change can level the playing field somewhat, allowing newcomers to compete with more experienced players on their own terms.

How To Play Dealer’s Choice Poker

It can seem overwhelming for new players to understand and develop the necessary intuition to play all the different Dealer’s Choice games. Here are some tips to get you moving in the right direction so that your first experience with the variant is a positive one.

Understand the Rules of Various Games

Before playing in a Dealer’s Choice game, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with how to play poker in all of its many forms. 

Online casinos have changed poker in many ways. But perhaps the most noticeable change is that Texas Hold’em is now the most popular variant. As such, most newcomers stick to this variant. But whether it’s Omaha, Seven-Card Stud or Triple Draw, each game has its own unique set of rules and strategies to understand.

The Role of the Dealer

The dealer has the privilege of selecting the game for the upcoming hand. Naturally, this choice is made before dealing the cards. Their decision can dramatically impact the game’s direction, making this role both exciting and strategic. But it’s also a functional one if playing a home game. After all, they’ll need to actually distribute the cards and handle the chips in the pot. 

Strategizing and Adapting

Success at Dealer’s Choice requires the ability to strategize and adapt quickly. Players must be ready to shift gears, applying different tactics as the games change. Consider the skill levels and playing style preferences of your fellow players and act accordingly. If you’re completely new to most forms of poker, only play games with a low starting stake to minimize your risk.

Choosing the Right Game

A poker dealer reaches over the chip tray to place a 9 of hearts face up on a green felt table.

When it’s your turn to be the dealer, you get to pick the game. Familiarize yourself with the available options and choose games that exploit the weaknesses of your opponents — or, if you’re up against good all-rounders, at least select the game where you’ll have a slight edge.

If you excel in reading opponents, games like No-Limit Hold’em could be an excellent choice. That said, if most of the players prefer Hold’em, shift to a lesser-known variant like Razz. 

20 Popular Dealer’s Choice Poker Games

A total of 20 games have appeared in the World Series of Poker’s Dealer’s Choice event. The following is not a comprehensive list since there are other possible games that can be played, but these are most likely to feature when playing Dealer’s Choice.

  • Hold’em (Fixed, Pot and No Limit).
  • 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw (Pot and No Limit).
  • Seven-Card Stud.
  • Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo.
  • Razz.
  • Omaha (Pot and Fixed Limit).
  • Omaha Hi-Lo (Pot and Fixed Limit).
  • Big “O.”
  • Five-Card Draw.
  • 2-7 Lowball Draw.
  • A-5 Lowball Triple Draw.
  • Badugi.
  • Badeucy.
  • Badacey.

How To Prepare for Dealer’s Choice Games Online

Dealer’s Choice demands a broad knowledge of poker games, strategies and great adaptability. Here’s how to prepare yourself in the best possible way ahead of playing live Dealer’s Choice cash games or online poker tournaments.

By following all these guidelines, you can enjoy Dealer’s Choice poker games and possibly even excel. It may take time to feel comfortable with the constantly changing dynamics, but with patience and practice, you’ll find it an enjoyable and rewarding way to play poker.

Get Comfortable With All the Different Games

Make sure you’re familiar with the rules of the many poker games that could be part of the session. It’s important to study the nuances of all forms, not just Texas Hold’em. You don’t want to have an exploitable weak link when playing Dealer’s Choice poker.

Study Strategies for Each Game

Since you’ll need to switch between games, it’s essential to know the winning strategies for each one. This means knowing when to fold, call and raise as well as which starting hands are strong in each game.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Playing these games regularly, both online and live, will help you get comfortable switching between them. Many online platforms now offer low-stakes games or even freerolls where you can practice without risking much.

Play With Others

If you can, find others who enjoy playing Dealer’s Choice and practice with them. This will give you a more authentic experience. Discussing hands will also help you understand how others approach these games.

Manage Your Bankroll

When playing for real money, make sure to set a budget and stick to it. The unpredictability of the games coupled with inexperience may lead to unexpected losses, so being financially responsible is key.

Use Available Resources

There are countless books, videos and online forums dedicated to poker strategy. Engage with these resources to deepen your understanding of the various games.

Stay Updated

If you’re playing at a specific poker room, make sure to stay updated with their rules and regulations regarding Dealer’s Choice games, which could include specific house rules for each game or the order of play.

Deal Yourself In Today

A dealer at a casino places the last community card on a green felt poker table.

Dealer’s Choice poker is an exhilarating blend of strategy and surprise, offering a unique twist on the traditional poker experience. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Then register with BetMGM today and sharpen your skills in multiple forms of poker.

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Ready to discover Dealer’s Choice poker? This guide offers detailed explanations of what the game is, how to play it and tips to help you succeed.