Home » Can Poker Live-Streams Help You Become A Better Player?

Can Poker Live-Streams Help You Become A Better Player?

Home » Can Poker Live-Streams Help You Become A Better Player?

Can Poker Live-Streams Help You Become A Better Player?

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There is abundant online poker content available for those looking to improve their game. Whether you’re after informative blogs with tips and tricks, in-depth poker strategy explanations, or just want to watch some fun videos, plenty of free resources are out there.

Poker live streams are one of the more recent additions to poker content and if you play poker online, they could be a game changer. That goes for watching good poker players’ live streams and filming your own.

So what are poker live streams all about? How have they changed the industry and how could they improve your poker going forward? Take a look.

What Is a Poker Live Stream?

The live-streaming industry is worth billions of dollars, but until relatively recently, it was mainly used by video game players rather than for online casino games. The concept of a live stream is simply a player video recording themselves playing a game and other players can watch them live online.

In the poker industry, amateur poker players and professionals use a live streaming service to video their games, and fans can tune in to watch while they play.

How Poker Live Streaming Has Helped the Industry

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In 2003, amateur poker player Chris Moneymaker revolutionized the poker industry when he won the main event at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. He walked away with $2.5 million in prize money. ESPN televised his path to this win and a huge number of audience members tuned in to see the final hand. This led to what is known as the Post-Moneymaker Poker Boom.

The online casino industry saw numbers double every year between 2003 and 2006. Unfortunately, the industry practically crashed in 2011 when the Justice Department accused the three largest online poker companies for U.S. customers of breaking the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Poker coverage on national television and by broadcasters hasn’t been the same since.

Live streaming has changed all of that and given the industry a much-needed lifeline. In 2014, Jason Somerville began filming his live poker sessions, and within a year, he had nine million views. Since then, he’s been joined by professional poker players and some Poker Hall Of Fame players like Lex Veldhuis, Daniel Negreanu, Jeff Gross, and many more on live streaming platforms like Twitch.

This has gone a long way in helping to reclaim the post-Moneymaker numbers and increase interest in both in-person and online poker tournaments.

How Live Stream Can Help Your Poker Game

If you aren’t watching a poker livestream yet, then it’s time to get to it. Here’s how it could help you improve your game.

Watch the Decisions As They’re Made

It’s all well and good reading or watching a pre-recorded video about when and how you should make certain decisions in a poker game, but this rarely translates to the high-pressure scenario of the game itself.

Watching a good poker player make split-second, difficult decisions live is a great way to get exposure to the pressures of high-stakes poker games. You get to see the action as it happens. 

This isn’t limited to the good decisions that players make, either. Even the best poker players are liable to make mistakes, and these could be worth a lot of money. It helps to see your favorite streamer make a mistake every now and then. It means that you get to be a little gentler on yourself when you do the same. 

Understand that highs and lows in poker games are inevitable, but you should be able to shake them off and continue, and seeing this makes it easier to do the same.

Live Interaction

Streaming offers an opportunity not just to watch players make decisions in the game, but it’s also often a chance to interact with them. Most of the best poker players are more than happy to answer questions and explain decisions as they play. While they aren’t there to personally coach you, players know how important audience members are on this particular platform and will act accordingly.

Exposes You to a Variety of Poker Content

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The sheer variety of content that you can find on live poker streams is one of the best things about it. You’ll be able to find whatever kind of poker content you’re after for free. Whether you want to learn more about strategies and how to shove in poker, or you’re after low-stakes or nosebleed (high-stakes) cash games, there’s something for everyone.

Should You Stream Your Poker Content?

While streaming certainly isn’t for everyone, it’s something that can help to improve the technical and decision-making skills of your game. How so? Well, you’re going to have to explain why you did something in your game to audience members in simple language. You’ll have to break down your thought process, discuss your decisions, and more while you’re in the middle of your hand.

If your decision can’t be explained or doesn’t make sense, then you’ve likely found a hole in your game, and you’ll have to go back and improve on it. Explaining the basics of your game improves the technical foundation of your decisions and helps you to self-evaluate.

Of course, there are challenges when you first start out. You’ll struggle to explain things to your viewers and play at your best at the same time. If you struggle with the mental aspects of a poker match, then this might be exacerbated by the fact that you have a lot of people watching you. However, this is a great platform to work through your issues. Streaming gives you nowhere to hide and forces you to confront the aspects of the game that you struggle with.

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Poker Live streams allow you to get up close and personal while poker players make in-game decisions. Here’s how they can help improve your game.