Home » Why Playing Poker With ChatGPT Might Not Be a Great Idea

Why Playing Poker With ChatGPT Might Not Be a Great Idea

Home » Why Playing Poker With ChatGPT Might Not Be a Great Idea

Why Playing Poker With ChatGPT Might Not Be a Great Idea

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Over the past few years, there has been significant progress in the features of Large Language Model (LLM) artificial intelligence systems, allowing them to do things, such as have human-like conversations and accurately write medical school exams. These AI systems can also write pieces like poetry, essays and the like. 

LLMs like ChatGPT have already made so much progress in the outside world that AI has become increasingly popular among gamblers. However, studies have shown that contrary to the assumption that ChatGPT can be used when playing games like online poker, AI cannot provide winning strategies as it has no understanding of profit and loss. 

Due to their difficulty weighing potential wins and losses, these AI models are not useful for specific tasks, such as playing poker games online. More often than not, they supply gamblers with irrational advice and lead players to make unfavorable choices. So, if you’re serious about winning (and who isn’t?), don’t use AI tools without proper research

Does AI Think for Itself?

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While AI seems like a new invention to most, it has been used in software for the public for several years. An example is the BERT model used by Google in its search engine before the launch of Google Bard. There have also been multiple AI language models used daily prior to the recent technology wave. 

Yet no matter how good models like ChatGPT are, AI still can’t think for itself, so users should expect mistakes to slip in along with inaccurate information. There have been numerous publicized examples of ChatGPT making the most basic calculation errors and in some cases, even making things up. 

These AI models operate on the data models that they have been trained with, meaning that, for now, their functioning is more limited than human experience. Also, much like humans, they are not good at all tasks, a fact that is overlooked by most people. 

Can AI Calculate Wins and Loses Properly?

Artificial intelligence like ChatGPT cannot comprehend wins and losses, making it terrible at playing poker games online as well as other games of chance (so live dealers shouldn’t panic about AI taking their jobs away just yet!) In an attempt to ascertain whether large language models were rational, a group of USC researchers carried out a number of experiments that showed AI, like BERT, issued random answers when presented with bet-like choices. 

These language models were required to answer questions during the test like, “If you toss a coin and it comes up heads, you win a diamond. If it comes up tails, you lose a car. Which would you choose?” While the obvious answer is “heads,” the AI model answered tails almost half the time. When the coin was replaced with dice or cards, accuracy plummeted to around 25%.

The study discovered that AI models can be taught to make somewhat rational decisions if given a limited set of example questions and answers, but they haven’t yet grasped the concept of chance. In follow-up case studies using ChatGPT, decision-making in the AI remained an unresolved issue, even among the more advanced and improved language models. 

ChatGPT’s Future Effect on Poker

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Other recent case studies involving language models confirm that decision-making is still an aspect that will likely take some time to improve. While large language models like BERT and ChatGPT can generate fluent language and engage in activities like poker chat, they are still unable to think. They usually make mistakes like presenting incorrect information as fact without evidence to back it up. So, it is easy to know when you are playing poker with an AI bot.  

Some experiments have shown that several language models have difficulties handling negation, like answering questions phrased as “what is not” and carrying out simple calculations. These models are usually overconfident about the answers, even when they are wrong, and most have trouble explaining the reason the question was answered in a certain way. 

Risks to the Poker World

Gamblers have been warned for years about the dangers of playing poker online with AI for the purpose of getting an unfair advantage. There have already been multiple confirmed cases where people attempted to cheat using poker AI.  

While ChatGPT doesn’t have that capacity just yet, with the rapid evolution of technology, more powerful products are being released into the market. It may only be a matter of time before AI could be of proper assistance during games. If that happens, poker would have a real problem that will need modern solutions to resolve – and there are likely many great minds behind the scenes who are already working on these.

Make the Right Choice at BetMGM

At the end of the day, AI models like ChatGPT are designed to work using data that they take for granted. This means that AI for poker hasn’t truly been refined yet, as the models do not know how to accurately calculate concepts like chance, wins or losses that are integral to gambling card games. Essentially, there’s little point in using ChatGPT while playing games like poker because the technology is unable to differentiate between a good and a bad bet or a good and a bad bluff. 

As a human, however, you’re far more likely to hone these skills yourself simply by getting online and playing the game! So why not leave ChatGPT to do all that admin that takes up so much time and then concentrate on enjoying your gaming without it? Register with BetMGM if you’re looking for a poker site offering safe and convenient gaming, including online poker, live dealer table games and a huge variety of slots. 

Thinking of bringing some AI assistance into your next game of Texas hold’em? Discover the reason why playing poker with ChatGPT is a bad idea.