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Top Poker Players To Watch on Twitch

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Top Poker Players To Watch on Twitch

A young adult wearing headphones live-streams on a computer.

As a fan of online poker, it’s great to be able to connect with some of the world’s best poker players on Twitch, the popular video streaming site. You’re able to get tips from these players, chat with them, and just relax in a community of like-minded poker fans. 

But who are some of the best streamers who play poker online? Let’s look at some of the most popular poker players you can find streaming online, as well as a few honorable mentions. There are undoubtedly some bigger names in poker who stream, but we’ve kept this list focused on streamers who have been active in the last six months at the time of writing.

Top Poker Players Who Stream in English


Followers: 309K

Average viewers (according to TwitchMetrics): 2,137

The most-watched poker streamer on Twitch is Lex Veldhuis, a professional Dutch streamer. According to Lexveldhuis.com, Veldhuis developed a passion early on for gaming. During his teenage years, he fell in love with StarCraft: Brood War, a popular real-time strategy game. Once he started college, many of his gaming connections, including the founder of Team Liquid, Victor Goossens, suggested he apply his strategy gaming skills to online poker. 

Despite being a poker novice, he found success playing poker online. This inspired him to switch to professional poker, dropping out of university entirely in 2005 so he could focus all his energy on becoming an exceptional player. In 2016, he discovered that poker was becoming popular on Twitch and started streaming his games online. 

Thanks to his popularity in the poker scene, his incredible poker skills, and his ability to stream consistently, he has become the most popular streamer on this list. Perhaps he’ll be the one to help make one of these poker trends extremely popular.


Followers: 153K

Average viewers (according to TwitchMetrics): 1,857

The UK’s biggest poker streamer is Ben “Spraggy” Spragg, a professional poker player who completed his university degree and then dedicated his life to poker. While he has dabbled in live poker play and earned $218,334 playing professional games in person, his main focus has always been his online career. According to SoMuchPoker.com, he earned about $2.3 million playing multi-table poker online (be sure to check out this piece on multi-table play before trying yourself) in 2015. Unfortunately, there are no records of his potential earnings since. Needless to say, he’s likely earned much more as his poker skills haven’t degraded, but he lives a relatively simple life.

Evidence of his frugal ways appears in an interview with the Daily Star, a UK tabloid newspaper. In the article, “Meet poker’s No1 streamer – who refuses to buy new trainers despite the huge success,” Spragg describes how he’s not a very materialistic person and, with the exception of an Aston Martin Vantage V8, he doesn’t spend that much money on himself. In fact, his friends have teased him for wearing shoes that are multiple years old.

In regards to his stream, he focuses purely on entertainment, at one point even playing 24 tables at the same time to entertain his audience. He has, however, settled on a more manageable six, which allows him to engage with his viewers without throwing the poker games he’s involved in.


A poker player tosses poker chips toward a laptop computer.

Followers: 131K

Average viewers (according to TwitchMetrics): 1,519

Kevin Martin is a Canadian poker player (and former “Big Brother” contestant) who began playing poker professionally in 2015 after quitting his job as a radio DJ. His total earnings from live play come in at $386,161, but just like Spraggy, his main focus has always been his online content on Twitch and YouTube. According to PokerTube, Martin avoids high-stakes games and focuses instead on micro and low stakes.

While his exact online earnings are unknown, he revealed in a 2022 interview with HighStakesDB.com that he walked away with $60k in profit from all his poker games over a year and a half. While that may not seem like much on its own, it becomes incredibly impressive when you combine that with the fact that he regularly draws in about 1,500 viewers on Twitch and racks up between 20K and 30K views on each of his YouTube videos. Moreover, with his potential sponsorship deals and video ad revenue, it’s safe to say he’s probably doing okay financially. 


Followers: 73.7K

Average viewers (according to TwitchMetrics): 1,393

The third most popular poker stream on Twitch isn’t technically a player but actually belongs to the popular poker coaching site RaiseYourEdge. However, the stream appears to be predominantly hosted by Benjamin “Bencb” Rolle, a German coach at the site. Unfortunately, it’s been hard to track down his specific earnings, as there seems to be another player from England with the same name. 

Judging from what we can find about Rolle, he’s known for his online play, with one of his biggest wins coming in at $1.1 million, according to ClubPoker.net. He’s also signed various sponsorship and ambassador deals, so even if we don’t know exactly how much he is worth, it’s safe to assume that he’s the real deal.


Followers: 158K

Average viewers (according to TwitchMetrics): 1,012

PokerStaples is a poker stream hosted by Canadian Jaime Staples, a professional tournament player who also offers poker coaching. Jaime may not wow anyone with his live poker winnings, which only come in at $135,680, but he’s built up an impressive following on Twitch and regularly gets about 10,000 views on his YouTube videos. If we add his various sponsorship and ambassador deals, we have another poker player who’s probably earning reasonably well.


A poker player checks their hole cards with poker chips in the background. They have a royal flush.

Followers: 108K

Average viewers (according to TwitchMetrics): 508

Who’d have thought that two Twitch channels named “Staples” would not only play poker but would both make this list? The last streamer on our list is Canadian poker player Matthew Staples. He’s one of the “newest” poker pros on our list, having started playing professional poker in late 2017. Since then, he’s earned a very modest $36,205 through professional play. 

However, he’s very popular online and has created quite a library of online video content, with his YouTube videos averaging between 10K and 15K views. He’s also associated with RaiseYourEdge and has signed streaming deals as a mid and high-stakes multi-table poker player. PokerNews.com also mentions him winning a $150,000 weight loss bet against Bill Perkins, a hedge fund manager, film producer, and, of course, high-stakes poker player. So while Matt may not immediately catch your attention when it comes to overall poker winnings, the man clearly has a gambler’s spirit.

Honorable Mentions

A home streaming setup with a microphone on a boom, dual monitors, an RGB keyboard and mouse.

While we would have loved to have included these honorable mentions in our list above, the language barrier may not work for many people. Still, if you speak a language apart from English, you may enjoy following one of the streamers below.


Followers: 793K

Average viewers (according to TwitchMetrics): 2,041

Language: Ukrainian

Despite being one of the most popular streamers online, AlohaDanceTV, unfortunately, does not stream in English. However, if you speak Ukrainian, you may find his streams enjoyable. He also streams popular video games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Hearthstone.


Followers: 23K

Average viewers (according to TwitchMetrics): 1,039

Language: French

This is another popular streamer who doesn’t speak English. zChance44 is a French poker streamer who primarily focuses on educational content and who specializes in the online poker scene.


Followers: 19.4K

Average viewers (according to TwitchMetrics): 730

Language: French

According to his Twitch profile, Juaniitoooo is a self-described French entrepreneur and streamer from Toulouse who has been playing poker for at least seven years. He plays low stakes €50 ($55) poker games but is aiming for €100 ($110).


Followers: 38.4K

Average viewers (according to TwitchMetrics): 667

Language: Portuguese

FelipeMojave, or as he’s more commonly known, Felipe Tavares Ramos, does stream, but he’s made most of his money playing poker professionally, either at live events or online. His biggest win is $476,612, which he took home after coming in second at the WSOP 2021 Online $1,000 No Limit Hold’em – Double Stack ONLINE event. According to PokerNews.com, he’s close friends with Neymar, the soccer and poker superstar. He was also awarded the Global Poker Index 2017 Latin American Player of the Year.

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Some of the most popular and skilled poker players have joined Twitch to stream their games live. Here are some of the players you should watch on the platform.