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Understanding Provably Fair Technology in Online Poker

Home » Understanding Provably Fair Technology in Online Poker

Understanding Provably Fair Technology in Online Poker

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Online casinos across the US are now integrating provably fair casino technology into their platforms. With this cutting-edge solution, these casinos set a new standard for fairness, transparency and player confidence in the realm of online poker and many other popular gambling games.

Learn more about this new technology and how it raises trust for poker players online.

What is Provably Fair Technology?

Introduced shortly after the invention of Bitcoin, provably fair technology uses cryptographic algorithms to check game results and ensure all poker games play out in an unbiased and transparent manner. Using the power of advanced cryptographic techniques, online casinos enable players to independently verify the fairness of each hand, assuring them that the outcomes aren’t manipulated or influenced by any outside factors.

There are several aspects to the vital role that provably fair technology plays in ensuring fairness in online poker.

  • Transparent Seed Generation: Seeds are the starting point for any random number generation in any online gambling game. These seeds use a variety of different methods to ensure random number generation is fair, such as software algorithms or even weather data or electrical noise. When playing provably fair games, at the start of each poker hand, the technology uses a random seed generation process, openly disclosed to players. This seed is combined with a server seed, which remains concealed until the hand is complete.
  • Encryption and Shuffling: The server seed is encrypted using a one-way hash function (a method of encryption that is extremely difficult to reverse engineer), ensuring it remains secure and tamper-proof. This encrypted server seed is then used to shuffle the deck of cards for the poker hand.
  • Player Involvement: Players have the option to contribute their own random seed, further enhancing the randomness of the shuffling process. This element of player involvement adds an extra layer of transparency, empowering players to actively participate in the fairness verification process.
  • Verifiable Outcomes: Once the poker hand is complete, the server seed is revealed, allowing players to confirm the outcome of the game was determined using the pre-shuffled deck of cards. The combination of the server seed and player seed (if provided) can be verified through cryptographic hashing (the mathematical system used in cryptography), offering an unalterable record of the game’s fairness.

The Benefits of Provably Fair Technology for Players

By adopting provably fair casino technology, online casinos foster an environment of trust and confidence among players, as it eradicates any doubts or suspicions about the integrity of online poker games. Players can now engage in virtual poker knowing that every hand is subject to thorough cryptographic scrutiny and the results are entirely determined by a verifiable random process.

This innovative technology not only enhances the experience for those playing poker online but also strengthens the virtual casino’s commitment to transparency and fairness. 

It’s only a matter of time before more virtual casinos worldwide make the necessary changes to incorporate provably fair technology into their platforms, significantly enhancing the gambling industry’s overall reach and credibility. 

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Discover how the introduction of provably fair technology in online poker has set a new standard for gambling fairness, transparency and player confidence.