Home » Poker Memorabilia Everyone Who Loves Poker Should Have

Poker Memorabilia Everyone Who Loves Poker Should Have

Home » Poker Memorabilia Everyone Who Loves Poker Should Have

Poker Memorabilia Everyone Who Loves Poker Should Have

A trophy with black and gold ace cards and playing dice.

Just like in any other sport, many poker players have a list of collectibles that they hope to one day get their hands on. These can range from tournament trophies to rare or custom-made chips; either way, these items carry some sort of sentimental value for those who aspire to own them. In fact, this applies to those who play online poker, too, given that there is a growing interest in the remote alternative to playing the popular casino game.

Although some poker memorabilia can be quite expensive and supposedly only for the elite, fortunately, there are options available across various price ranges. Whether you’re looking for something to brag about among friends or perhaps something to motivate you while you play poker online, below are just some of the many options for you to consider. 

Autographed player items

When you think about some of the biggest names in poker – icons such as Doyle Brunson or Phil Ivey – you’d know that having a photo (or any other item, for that matter) signed by them is the ultimate memorabilia! Of course, not everybody has the luxury of mingling with the greats in pursuit of a signed item, but this is something that you could buy within the poker community. 

There is no standard price for these, as it is dependent on what the item is and how much the owner values it. Poker memorabilia of this sort can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. A signed item has a charm and appeal that other memorabilia might not have because it has a personal touch to it. 

Unique or limited-edition chip sets

Poker chips with VIP written on them falling onto a table.

A lot of people cherish the prospect of owning one-of-a-kind items or items from limited ranges. This is also the case when it comes to chip sets. The mere fact that they’re unique items should already tell you that chances are, they won’t be easy to find – but don’t let that deter you.

Poker enthusiasts may already have limited-edition chip sets, however, there may be series that they don’t own. In such a case, the next step is to identify what you don’t have and then start the hunt for it. This can be the thrilling and exciting part! If you can’t find it online, you may be able to connect with someone who is willing to sell it to you through online poker communities. 

You may also be able to connect with other poker lovers through some of the best online poker sites when you play poker games online or participate in online poker tournaments

Ultimate one-of-a-kind fan must-haves

Frontier Hotel Concrete Foundation Casino Tokens Slab Las Vegas Slot Poker Chips

Now, let’s take it back to where and how old poker chips used to be disposed of before the advent of online poker. Many casinos used to dispose of their old poker chips and tokens in the concrete mix when several hotels were being expanded in Las Vegas. This was before the popularity of online poker in the USA.

Evidently, there are some that got away, such as the Frontier Hotel Concrete Foundation Casino Tokens Slab Las Vegas Slot Poker Chips, which are on sale for a whopping $17,999!

Although a little on the pricey side for many, this memorabilia carries a bit of history with it, making it highly coveted and ideal for the ultimate poker fan! 

“Welcome to Las Vegas” Sign Light Bulb

A neon “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.

Continuing the trend of items that carry a bit of history with them, ultimate fan memorabilia that’s relatively cheaper and more accessible is the Authentic Used Iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” Sign Light Bulb. Retailing at $46.95, this is one you can get your hands on. While it might not necessarily improve your online poker tournament strategy, it might give you the Vegas Strip feel even if you opt to play poker online. 

Old Las Vegas Authentic Playing Cards – Framed

As the ultimate gift or a souvenir, you could get your hands on framed Old Las Vegas Authentic Playing Cards. These are indeed rare gems, given that some of the hotels that these cards are from have long been demolished. Some of these retail in the region of $699 and $799. 

World Series Of Poker (WSOP) Bracelets

A man wearing a blue suit puts a bracelet on.

The WSOP is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events on the poker calendar. It’s where the renowned players gather to defend their titles, while novice and aspiring players attend to experience the action first-hand and potentially even get some poker tournament tips from some of the greats. 

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that nearly all poker fans desire a WSOP bracelet to call their own. One way to get it is by earning it yourself at a poker tournament – which can be quite tricky considering that you’d have to conquer thousands of players in the process! Alternatively, you could buy one.

The tricky part with attempting to purchase one is that those who have earned them are often quite reluctant to part with them, and understandably so. This is not to say that there aren’t any WSOP bracelets on the market, but you should be prepared to dedicate a decent amount of time and effort to finding one. 

Jamie Gold and Peter Eastgate, who won the Main Event bracelets in 2006 and 2008, respectively, put theirs on the market. Gold’s was sold for $62,725 and Eastgate’s was sold for a whopping $150,000! 

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Whatever your reason for seeking poker memorabilia, be it as a gift for a loved one or simply for your own collection, the options for you to consider are many. While personalized items do carry somewhat more sentimental value, memorabilia that have a bit of history attached to them are highly coveted. One of the ways to expand your network and potentially gain access to other memorabilia is by connecting with other poker enthusiasts via online communities. You can also enjoy the online poker experience by signing up with BetMGM to get in on the action.